Hairy Situation

Before Christmas, I made the rash decision to go blonde. Keep in mind, my hair is naturally dark brown. About six months prior I had lifted my hair to a medium brown.

I asked my sister which hair salon she usually goes too, and I made an appointment. My sister had, had her hair dyed a really pretty burgundy color at this place so I figured I would give it a try. WRONG DECISION!

I pulled up the pictures I had saved on my camera roll. I wanted real Eva Mendes glamour. She always manages to look naturally glamorous, and that’s just amazing to me. Plus, have you ever read or watched one of her interviews? The girl is smart and engaging! She’s definitely a level one girl crush of mine ( Level On Girl Crush: Can we be bestfriends? I like your hair, I like your clothes, how do you do your makeup? Wow, girl. Slayyyy!)


So the stylists takes a look and she’s all like
“Yeah, sure okay. I can do that.” She even pulled out one of those little hair color shade wheels to discuss which level my hair could be lightened to. After bleaching and coloring or whatever magic hair colorists do, she sat me in front of the mirror and…

I wanted to cry. This isn’t it right?! Please tell me you have more steps to do! What? What is that? She began blow drying my hair and I knew it was over. I didn’t want to tell her that I hated my hair because I really didn’t want this lady touching my hair anymore than she already had. I paid and she had given me 10% off because my sister is such a good client of hers. She was a nice lady, really. Just maybe, she wasn’t properly trained for drastic hair color changes. My hair looked like a streaky mess! Do you remember when big chunky dramatic highlights were the rage? That. That is what my hair looked like. She didn’t lift my actual color at all. She just added platinum blonde stripes to my hair. I looked like I had just stepped out of a teen movie from the early 2000’s. I was just missing my juicy couture sweat suit and platform sandals. Ugh.

So two days later I decided I would bleach my hair myself. I had already spent all of 24 hours watching countless YouTube videos and reading  beauty blogs. So I was practically a professional, right? WRONG.

My hair came out a brassy orange. So I ran to the nearest beauty supply store and tried my best to fix everything. I went from brassy orange to brassy blonde…better? Two weeks later I did a bleach rinse on my hair and suddenly my hair was yellow! Like, Lady Gaga, “Telephone” yellow. So I ran back to that same beauty store and bought yet another toner. This time my hair came out a dirty dark blonde. It was close enough to my goal color and I wasn’t about to damage my hair anymore. So I left it in for 2 months.

Did I mention that after all that chemical terror on my hair, my once shiny and smooth tresses turned into elastic, frizzy, dry, hay. Damn the day I woke up and decided to go blonde! I had to chop my shoulder length hair for a short just below the chin, bob. I also hate this. It’s cute and all, I just worked so hard to grow my hair out. ( 2 years previous to this blonde fiasco, I had my hair in a pixie cut.)

Then, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted my healthy brunette locks back. So I headed over to my local drugstore and bought two boxes of ” Light Auburn Brown.” My hair is now a light brown with a slight red tinge to it. I hate it, but it’s better than yellow. I’ve also started using deep conditioning treatments as well as protein masks. I switched out my chemical filled shampoo and conditioner for all natural Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve seen drastic improvement in my hair and plan to be back to my dark brown healthy hair by June 2017!  Raise a glass to hope!


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