Dreaming Fool

I had a dream last night, it was an ominous dream. My house was in dystopian ruin, there was one room that was untouched. It was the safe haven of this dreadful place. The room belonged to my grandfather ( Which is odd considering, that actual room isn’t his. But in my dream it was his room.)

I had been staying in his room for a while, I guess. I felt at home in it. My belongings were strewn everywhere and for whatever reason, I didn’t question where my grandfather was. I just knew I was in his room and he wasn’t there. There was another woman with me in the dream but I don’t remember who it was. I knew something bad was coming or something bad had already happened? A baby was missing, and I don’t know if it was my cousin, sister or random child. But, a baby had been taken. I was helping this woman look for her child. We searched high and low and went on a sort of vendetta road trip. Taking down anyone who had helped or was friends with the kidnapper. ( I don’t remember actually “taking people down.” but at one point in my dream I was sure it was what we had done.)

We ended up on this old road in my hometown. There is a row of hedges dividing the opposing lanes of traffic. In the dream, those large hedges had turned into beautiful blooming bushes of flowers, each type of bush and flower had their own butterfly.

This is where it gets…odd.

In order to get to the next step of finding the kidnapper, we had to kill the butterflies. And we did so, without a second thought. I remember standing to the side and briefly thinking “It’s a shame they have to die. But it needs to be done.”  and then getting right back to smashing through the flowers.

Then I woke up with the same ominous feeling.

I googled what the meaning and of course, it’s not a good one. It means that someone I love and trust is about to betray me.

But it can’t be real, right? It’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Dreams along with interpretations are completely subjective. My dream could have been influenced by outside elements. Anything from a passing stranger, a song lyric, a commercial. I think I’m more comfortable brushing the warning signs off my shoulder. Than actually reading further into it.

I’d rather be a dreaming fool than believe anything bad could actually happen.


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