So school and work have been keeping me pretty busy…That’s all I have to say on that matter.

Fun Fact: did you know that we as healthy adults are supposed to be eating SIX servings of vegetables a day?! I, for one, did not know that. It’s knowledge that I have been putting to use for the past four days. Let me tell you, when I look at this diet thing as a sort of competition against myself, it works. It’s like a game. I push to eat my six servings and Oh my lanta! It’s filling! When that dreaded hour of 10:30 p.m. rolls around, I find myself not craving ice cream and cookies. Same thing with water intake.I find that when I keep track of how much I’m supposed to be putting in my body I actually strive to meet that daily goal.

Another thing, that may or not be a known fact. Talking to other humans helps actively build vocabulary and intercommunication skills. Okay, now that I type it our it sounds like a “Duh” kind of statement. Truly, I find myself using more words than I even thought I knew. The virtual world is really killing eloquence. I find myself having to express myself without the use of gifs, emoji’s and “lmao”. It’s as if my brain is this really strong tiger that I keep behind confined to a screen and a keyboard, when it’s actually looking to run wild and stretch its muscles. (super cheeseball metaphor, I know. Gets the point across right?”)

If you’re an extrovert you probably have a hard time following this line of thought, as you are naturally out there in the world talking to strangers and friends. Introverts on the other hand, it’s harder for us. Or, maybe it’s just me? Doubtful. I have been trying to socialize more and in the moment I usually wish I was at home, alone, in my room. However, I later am grateful for the happy memories and lessons learned from interacting with others.

Really, my life has been this sort of health/social experiment, for the past couple of weeks. The findings aren’t quite as inconclusive as I originally thought.


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