“Seven Devils In Me”

Music is a common means of escape. Some of us dance to it to express joy, some of us listen to find a message we can relate to, some of us make music to convey what we cannot otherwise say. It’s different for everybody, but it’s also there for everybody. There is a song that I have heard countless times, but I never really understood it’s meaning. Until today…today, as in five minutes ago.

Iv’e come to realize that I am being rejected and almost bullied by the people I had once considered my best friends. There is so much anger inside of me, raging and twirling around like a tornado. It’s hard to contain and I can feel it in my heart trying to burst out of me. At the same time, I know that I should take a higher ground. Because

“Actions are louder than words.” – Unknown

“They go low, we go high.”  -Michelle Obama

“It takes strength to be gentle and kind.” – The Smiths

I know that I shouldn’t engage, I know that I should ignore it all. But there is apart of me that wants to explode. To clear my name and announce the betrayal. To get revenge, somehow.

There’s this song that I suddenly understand. A song about fighting these seven devils, or giving in to them.


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