You want to know about me? I’m flattered. Well for starters  I was born from a burning pile of glitter and comic books, I emerged as a sort of clumsy phoenix.

In all seriousness, this blog is basically where I put all of my passing thoughts and burning questions.

“Why turn it into a blog?”
Writing random word documents for absolutely no one to read and where no one could answer me, seemed a waste of time.

“Your Grammar is horrid!”
Yes, I too agree. Enlighten me. Where SHOULD my commas go? What words can I use in place of “thing” and “stuff”? How do I stop using run on sentences?!  These questions need to be answered!

“Why Lavandrude? What does it mean?”
Lavender is my favorite flower. I have been described as rude. BAM! Lav-And-Rude.

My tag line should have been “I’m a delicate fucking flower!” don’t ya think?